Day 274 – Sunset Revisited

Some would say this is just another sunset pic. To them I would say that my beau is in this photo, can you see him? That G-Man can be an elusive one when he really chooses to be.

Day 253 – Whiffer Warmer

Gator’s girl is visiting from Florida, and her poor little nose was about to freeze off. So I whipped her up a Whiffer Warmer. She says it is perfect, and provides the perfect amount of warmth.

Day 241 – Question of the Day

So, the question is this. Can you tell me what is unique about this picture?

Day 232 – Christmas Tree

Got the Christmas Flamingo up and decorated this afternoon.

Day 199 – Gilfricket

If you find yourself in need of a gilfricket, I know where you can find one.

Day 188 – Thing-a-ma-jig

If you lost your thing-a-ma-jig I found it. For a small fee I will tell you where it is.

Day 185 – Death by Stickiness

Waspies and flies that will no longer irritate me.

Day 183 – Thinking Outside the Box

I can’t get paint to stick to the laminate cabinets that we have, so have been brainstorming as to other options. It hit me today, could I possibly give the kitchen a bit more color and make it more “our own” by simply covering the doors with contact paper? After much online research, my spirits soared. I have a partial roll, and with only one door in the guest bathroom, thought why not give it a try? This is my first attempt, and I do believe I have found my solution. Now to just figure out what color(s) and to find a lot more contact paper. In the end, I believe the kitchen will be fit for this place we call our farm.

Day 179 – Property of NASA?

That’s what it says on it, right there at the top, along with a phone number. Maybe someone should call it?

Day 172 – Beware

Beware large flocks of starlings flying overhead. It is inevitable at some point.