Day 322 – Sunsets Galore

I know, I have been bad & got behind yet again… I really haven’t been that inspired lately. I think I am too preoccupied with other thoughts, and have decided I need to take more time and find some inspiration.


Day 310 – Wet Sunset

This was taken the other day when we got the rain. All the puddles seen here have since disappeared. We could sure use some more.

Day 308 – Stormy Sunset

Today was filled with rain & storms. We got two inches of much needed rain today, and the clouds broke just as the sun set over the farm. The light reflected on the wispy clouds was literally beautiful!

Day 306 – Wildfire Sunset

I somehow knew that the sunset would be spectacular when we spotted the grass fire to the west of us. The smoke in the air did not disappoint.

Day 274 – Sunset Revisited

Some would say this is just another sunset pic. To them I would say that my beau is in this photo, can you see him? That G-Man can be an elusive one when he really chooses to be.

Day 273 – Oklahoma Sunset

When I went out to feed this evening, I could see this sunset warming up. As soon as I finished with the feeding and watering, I grabbed my camera quick as I could and was able to get off a few shots.

Day 260 – Fiery Sunset

Always a great day when I am watching the sun set on the farm. If I could bottle and sell happiness I would be a millionaire in the monetary sense. As it stands, I remain poor in that aspect. I am however, the wealthiest person I know in every other way.