Day 324 – Sunrise

Sunrise on the farm. I will be glad when spring officially arrives and we start getting more green i the mix. I do like the silhouettes of the bare trees though.

Day 323 – My Staple

I seem to always fall back on my sunset photos. The great thing about a sunrise or sunset is that as in daily life each one is unique and can change in a moment’s notice. This sunrise was particularly breathtaking.

Day 320 – Sunrise

Every sunrise on the farm is yet another beginning to a day of complete content and happiness for me. I am truly a very lucky girl.

Day 307 – Silhouette Sunrise

I like to shoot sunrises from different perspectives. This one really got my attention. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Day 298 – Eastern Lights

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. I guess since we will have no chance of seeing northern lights due to cloud cover tonight, I will settle for this.

Day 252 – Pre-Sunrise Silhouette

This day some real beauty came to visit the farm. With a start to the day like this one who could expect less?

Day 246 – Just Another Sunrise

Each and every day on the farm is a glorious one! Whether it be filled with work or fun, or even nothing at all. There is truly no greater place on earth in my opinion!

Day 245 – Multi-Layered Sunrise

This morning’s sunrise seemed worthy of shooting. What a beautiful sight to wake up to.