Day 177 – Living Room Floor

I am standing on the newly laid tile in the portion of the living room where we plan to put the wood stove. Yay!

Day 176 – Bathroom Floor

Guest bathroom floor repaired and new tile laid… Check

Day 175 – Napping

Mycat says, “I sure hope you aren’t wanting these 2×4’s any time soon.”

Day 174 – Another One From the Archives

Been a busy busy week so far. Had to pull a sunset picture out of the archives.

Day 172 – Beware

Beware large flocks of starlings flying overhead. It is inevitable at some point.

Day 171 – Mexican Plum Season

I picked four gallons of Mexican Plums off of our smallest tree yesterday, didn’t even seem to make a dent in what was on the tree. Came outside this morning after the storms overnight, and discovered all these plums covering the ground and got another half gallon. A few good shakes of the tree, and we netted another gallon. Methinks some jelly making is in the near future.

Day 170 – Blue Ribbon Winner

Went to the Nowata County Free Fair today and watched Robyn show.

Day 169 – Javelina Bacon

My little girl is just too sweet. I have been kicking around names for almost a week now, and always seem to come back to the same one, so I guess that is the one I will choose. So everyone meet little Javelina (pronounced Have-a-Lean-a) Bacon. Javelina, because I really like the way it sounds, and is another name for peccary. Bacon, well, because she is marked like strips of bacon, of course.

Day 168 – Gravedigger Kisses

Chasin showed his bucket calf at the Nowata County Free Fair this evening. Evidently Gravedigger wanted to take a break in the action to show him some love. Chasin did a great job and I am sure made a lot of friends and family very proud.