Day 314 – Fire Bird

Was playing around with my settings when taking photos of the fire, I like the affect.

Day 253 – Whiffer Warmer

Gator’s girl is visiting from Florida, and her poor little nose was about to freeze off. So I whipped her up a Whiffer Warmer. She says it is perfect, and provides the perfect amount of warmth.

Day 240 –

I started putting random feathers I find in the chicken wire of the chicken yard. This was one of Maxine’s. I’m sorry to say that we lost her last week.

Day 206 – 2 Nickels 2 Hours

Very proud of our garage sale find. We have decided we need random out of the norm items for farm art. Finding things, however is proving difficult. We will continue to keep our eyes open.

Day 199 – Gilfricket

If you find yourself in need of a gilfricket, I know where you can find one.

Day 188 – Thing-a-ma-jig

If you lost your thing-a-ma-jig I found it. For a small fee I will tell you where it is.

Day 185 – Death by Stickiness

Waspies and flies that will no longer irritate me.

Day 183 – Thinking Outside the Box

I can’t get paint to stick to the laminate cabinets that we have, so have been brainstorming as to other options. It hit me today, could I possibly give the kitchen a bit more color and make it more “our own” by simply covering the doors with contact paper? After much online research, my spirits soared. I have a partial roll, and with only one door in the guest bathroom, thought why not give it a try? This is my first attempt, and I do believe I have found my solution. Now to just figure out what color(s) and to find a lot more contact paper. In the end, I believe the kitchen will be fit for this place we call our farm.

Day 172 – Beware

Beware large flocks of starlings flying overhead. It is inevitable at some point.