Day 346 – Serene Sunset

She seems to bring more serenity to the closing of the day.

Day 345 – Orange Face

Close up of a face on one of the flower pots at the Buddhist Temple. I was inspired to shoot it.

Day 344 – Bathed in Sunlight

The light from the sunset seems to give her an ethereal look.

Day 343 – Hello

I wish I knew more about all the different Buddhas and what they represent/mean.

Day 341 – Centerpiece

The largest figure and the centerpiece at the Buddha Temple in Tulsa. I would love to catch this shot during one of our beautiful Oklahoma sunsets.

Day 340 – Pokey!

Pokey is a 1969 VW Beetle. We are thrilled!

Day 339 – Tam Bao Buddist Temple

We went to the Tam Bao Buddhist Temple in Tulsa last weekend. It was a very peaceful place. I liked it. We are planning to go back once things warm up and green up some more.




Day 338 – Making My Job Hard

As soon as I walk outside and even indirectly head towards the chicken yard, I have a group of followers. When they see me put the bag of chicken feed in my wagon, they are completely underfoot. Doesn’t even matter if they still have half a bin of feed in there. I bring the feeder out, and pop the lid off, and all bets are off. Today they decided to make my job especially hard by taking turns jumping inside the feeder. I guess the feed tasted better in there or something. You would think I starve the poor things.

Day 337 – Silkies

A little bit of good karma came back on us yesterday in the form of four day old silkie chicks. Two little hens and a rooster. They are all settled in, and doing quite well. I am just thrilled with them!