Day 261 – Brown Eyed Girl’s Baby

She’s gonna be a great momma, I think!

Day 256 – Newborn

One of the girls had another baby today. Another little girl. Here she is about a year old, and momma is still cleaning her up. I am glad to say both are doing well. This particular nanny is a really good momma, despite her cantankerous ways. This little girl is actually the second new baby in as many days, bringing our total to 4 in the last week. I hope to get shots of the other new baby real soon.

Day 212 – I Loooove Youuu

Our two newest goats, Chocolate and Brownie. Chasin named them prior to their relocation to the farm, and we all agreed that we didn’t have the heart to change the names he had so carefully chosen. They have been in quarantine to insure that none of the other little goaties might catch a sickness from them. Chocolate pushes Brownie around, she sure isn’t always nice to him. He seems to love her regardless how mean she is to him. From day one Brownie was the friendliest, allowing us to pet him, and always ready to stick his head through the fence to get a little closer to whoever might be close. Chocolate has since warmed up nicely and now does the same. I love them to death. In my opinion they are a great addition to the farm.

Day 113 – Is it Ever Just Too Hot to Eat?

Not when you are a goat! Especially when there is a nice fresh pile of hay to munch on. Oreo sure is growing up fast, Gretchen lost her tiara, and thanks to the hay doesn’t feel the need to stick her head through the fence only to get stuck. Slim and Momma make for an even number.