Day 294 – Piggy Piggy!

I can’t help myself! I just love my piggies! They are quite possibly the absolute bestest birthday present EVER!

Day 281 – Greggery Peccary

This is how he greets me every time I come anywhere close to their pen. He has definitely stolen a huge piece of my heart. I knew I would just love piggies, I never dreamed how very much!

Day 270 – The Swine Who Stole My Heart

After taking so long to warm up to me and his new surroundings, Greggery sure has staked his claim. Dirty face and all, I am completely in love with this little piggie. I am hoping him and Lina make some pretty and sweet little babies.

Day 269 – Piggie Ball

Amongst my Christmas presents from Gator was an oversize tennis ball for the piggies. Greggery seems to like it, which makes me very happy.

Day 228 – Black & White

Greggery’s favorite time of day is dinner time… Go figure

Day 210 – Growing Piggies

Javelina and Greggery are growing fast. They are finally all settled in and seem quite happy in their new digs. We will be adding to their running area as we can acquire additional hog panels. The vision is to have a nice yard for them that reaches back to the trees, and hopefully in time some new little ones running around the enclosure.

Day 167 – Wary Little Piggie

Greggery is giving me that “I got my eye on you human, and am ready to bolt if you try to touch me.” Pot Belly Pigs are such unique little creatures. While they may be smarter than the average dog, earning their trust sure takes time. I am hoping that once I succeed in attaining his trust, I will win a piece of his heart as well.