Day 60 – Blockhead fka Cinder

Thought I would give an update on Cinder, aka Blockhead. He is still the smallest baby, probably about half the size of the rest of the litter. I started giving him and another tiny baby I call Marty Feldman bottles this week in addition to the nursing he does. He has also discovered kitten food and is doing pretty well on it. I will most likely keep giving him bottles until the milk I have for them is gone. At this point, I think it is a given he will be one of the litter we have to keep, but hopefully at least four of the others will find humans when the time is right.

Day 40 – Cinder

I’d like to introduce everyone to Cinder. One of six baby kitties now residing in the bathtub with Mycat. Cinder was so named because it fell down in the hole of the cinder blocks stacked four deep under the house. I had no idea how we would get it out, but Dusty was a genius and saved the little bugger. We decided it was not safe for them under the house, so now they live in the bathroom. At least for the time being.