Day 276 – In The Middle

Black Momma’s baby asks Bandit & Boots, “Hey guys, can’t I just get in here between you two?”


Day 261 – Brown Eyed Girl’s Baby

She’s gonna be a great momma, I think!

Day 250 – New Additions to the Farm

The night before last the Devil Dog was making quite a ruckus outside. I went out to get him and heard the faint bleat of a new baby. While he may be annoying, he always alerts me when a new kid is born. Quick as can be, I grabbed my headlamp, and we all headed down to the pen to see who had a baby. Harriet had twins! I think there is nothing quite as adorable as a newborn goatie. Nellie is the light one, and the dark one just had to be named Bandit.

Day 214 – Slim Shady

May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

We’re gonna have a problem here…


Day 114 – On Top of the World!

Okay, it is really just on top of the hay pile, but to Oreo it is the top of the world.

Day 113 – Is it Ever Just Too Hot to Eat?

Not when you are a goat! Especially when there is a nice fresh pile of hay to munch on. Oreo sure is growing up fast, Gretchen lost her tiara, and thanks to the hay doesn’t feel the need to stick her head through the fence only to get stuck. Slim and Momma make for an even number.

Day 72 – Ears a Flyin’

The newest little girl is getting quite playful. She’s bouncing around so much she send her not too small ears a flyin’. Puts me in mind of the “Flying Nun”.

Day 71 – Tiara

Greedy Gretchen’s homemade pvc pipe & gorilla tape “tiara” is still holding strong. It has effectively cured her HTF Syndrome. For the time being, at least. This little tiara has helped her to be an even better momma to her new little beauty.

Day 67 – Reeeeach

20 acres of greens, and Harriet Olsen wants to reach into the trees for some leaves.