Day 294 – Piggy Piggy!

I can’t help myself! I just love my piggies! They are quite possibly the absolute bestest birthday present EVER!

Day 280 – Javelina Bacon

My little Lina sure has grown. Hopefully she will have some pretty and sweet babies in the coming year.

Day 210 – Growing Piggies

Javelina and Greggery are growing fast. They are finally all settled in and seem quite happy in their new digs. We will be adding to their running area as we can acquire additional hog panels. The vision is to have a nice yard for them that reaches back to the trees, and hopefully in time some new little ones running around the enclosure.

Day 193 – Good Mornin!

Javelina stickin her nose through the fence to say good morning. Or Maybe she just wants her breakfast.

Day 169 – Javelina Bacon

My little girl is just too sweet. I have been kicking around names for almost a week now, and always seem to come back to the same one, so I guess that is the one I will choose. So everyone meet little Javelina (pronounced Have-a-Lean-a) Bacon. Javelina, because I really like the way it sounds, and is another name for peccary. Bacon, well, because she is marked like strips of bacon, of course.