Day 264 – Let the Sweets Season Begin!

Officially started my making of sweets for Christmas today. Will be a busy remainder of the week for me. For some odd reason haven’t been able to figure out what all I want to do this year. These are a start and hopefully I will gain proper inspiration and come up with some really tasty things.

Day 263 – We’re Cookin Now

Yeah, it’s our new gas range. Now I can get busy making Christmas candies and whatnot. Thinking I will be quite busy for the remainder of the week.

Day 262 – Star Gazin’

There are just so many things that make life on the farm so much better than anywhere else. Most of them I think a lot of people take for granted. Some of them I cannot find words that will give them proper justice. One of them, however is the solitude, and the beautiful night sky on a clear cool evening when the stars seem to create a wonderful ceiling over my entire world. The feelings I have for the one special person I share that wonderful sight with is one of those things I can’t find words adequate to express it all.

Day 261 – Brown Eyed Girl’s Baby

She’s gonna be a great momma, I think!

Day 260 – Fiery Sunset

Always a great day when I am watching the sun set on the farm. If I could bottle and sell happiness I would be a millionaire in the monetary sense. As it stands, I remain poor in that aspect. I am however, the wealthiest person I know in every other way.

Day 259 – Geminid Meteor

Pretty proud of myself for catching this one.

Day 257 – Greedy Gretchen’s Newest Kid

Greedy Gretchen had her newest baby sometime last night. She is sure a pretty little girl!

Day 256 – Newborn

One of the girls had another baby today. Another little girl. Here she is about a year old, and momma is still cleaning her up. I am glad to say both are doing well. This particular nanny is a really good momma, despite her cantankerous ways. This little girl is actually the second new baby in as many days, bringing our total to 4 in the last week. I hope to get shots of the other new baby real soon.

Day 255 – Dotte

Dotte is checking out the newly finished mobile chicken coop.

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