Day 333 – Scrubbies Galore

I guess they are all considered Tawashis, but whatever you call them, they are good old scrubbies for scrubbing your dishes nice and clean. They are also the only thing other than the magic eraser that I can use to get the coffee stains out of my coffee pot and mugs. Been playing around with different patterns, and think I have found my personal favorite.

Day 332 – Towel Ring

Crocheted me a towel ring to hang on the stove. Me being weird the way I am I didn’t want an actual topper crocheted on the towel, because they never fold up right and fit neatly in the towel drawer. I’m pretty happy with the result.

Day 331 – Facial?

Thought I would crochet some cotton face cleaning cloths, rather than continuing to buy cotton balls and pads. Not to mention adding used ones to a landfill. Been playing around with sizes and patterns. Not sure which style I like best.

Day 317 – FlimFlam

Tired of your glasses sweating all over the place? Searching for a way to keep your drink cold just a little bit longer? Check out my new FlimFlam. No more days of grabbing that sweaty glass and almost losing your grip due to wetness. The FlimFlam not only provides some added insulation to keep that drink cold a little longer, but also the added bonus of a coaster sleeve that fits right on the glass for those days when you are on the go. In a wide variety of colors, FlimFlam can add that classy touch to your glassware that I just know you all have been longing for.

It’s like a sweater vest for your glass!

Day 253 – Whiffer Warmer

Gator’s girl is visiting from Florida, and her poor little nose was about to freeze off. So I whipped her up a Whiffer Warmer. She says it is perfect, and provides the perfect amount of warmth.