Day 220 – Sunset at the Lake

Went to the lake to shoot the sunset this evening. Could have done with a bit less wind, but overall a really great time.

Day 150 – Playing With Sunsets

Just playing around with some of my sunset pics.

Day 130 – Clouds!

Crepuscular rays made for a pretty sight reflecting off the clouds.

Day 77 – Escalators to Heaven

Another Sunset. This one threw some spectacular crepuscular rays across the entire skyline.

Day 53 – Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get me Down

We got about five and a half inches of rain today. The sun peaked out from below the clouds just as it was ready to set. Tried to catch the crepuscular rays, this is the best I got.

Day 43 – From my Reserves

Was cool and cloudy all day long today, so I worked inside. Decided to pull a pic from my reserve file. Yep, another sunset.

Day 14 – After the Storm

Had some pretty scary storms roll through today. The majority of the clouds moved out in time for a pretty awesome sunset.

Day 10 – Oklahoma Sunset

As the sun set this evening, the clouds moving through created something spectacular.