Day 338 – Making My Job Hard

As soon as I walk outside and even indirectly head towards the chicken yard, I have a group of followers. When they see me put the bag of chicken feed in my wagon, they are completely underfoot. Doesn’t even matter if they still have half a bin of feed in there. I bring the feeder out, and pop the lid off, and all bets are off. Today they decided to make my job especially hard by taking turns jumping inside the feeder. I guess the feed tasted better in there or something. You would think I starve the poor things.

Day 142 – Roosting

Opal, Donna, Pearl & Juan all roosting up for the night on top of the chicken yard. Before the night is through, Penny and Loula will join them. This will all be ending just as soon as we can get the poultry netting to cover the entire thing. I finally gave up on trying to make then get down, as every time I make them get down they are back up there before I even make it to the front door. I finally just told them to enjoy it while they can, because this is unacceptable behavior, and if they choose not to, I will put an end to it. They all just stared at me with wide-eyed innocence. Oh and for those of you who wonder, yes, our chickens do listen to me, and occasionally do what I tell them to.

Day 141 – Anna Lucia

Anna Lucia is one of The Others. She has been giving us nice pretty green eggs every day. All the chickens sure do love the mister we have set up for them. They “flock” to it. 😉

Day 126 – New Additions to the Farm

So we got us some new chickens for the farm today, and entire flock to be specific. They look kind of rough, but hopefully a little TLC and some greens will have them on the right path real quick like.

Day 116 – Blueberry Yogurt Anyone?

The chickens sure do love yogurt. Most of them end up wearing it, but they don’t seem to care. They love getting their special treats.

Day 106 – The Chickens Under the Stairs…

Actually under the porch, but it is the new favorite hang out in all this Oklahoma heat.

Day 89 – This Can’t be Good

We have been watching Pearl and Opal trying to show off to the other birds for the last few days. It started out one day we looked out the kitchen window to see both of them on top of the original coop run. Then yesterday I noticed that now it is primarily Pearl getting up there, and always in the evening just as the sun starts to get low in the sky. This evening after feeding the goats, this is the sight that greeted us. She never gets down on the wrong side of the fence, but seems to really enjoy looking down at the rest of the chickens.

Day 33 – Chicken Yard

The chickens have a new yard to play in! We finished it just in time for them to check it out before seeking their roost for the evening. Maxine was already bedded down for the night, but the rest seemed to give their unanimous approval.