Day 142 – Roosting

Opal, Donna, Pearl & Juan all roosting up for the night on top of the chicken yard. Before the night is through, Penny and Loula will join them. This will all be ending just as soon as we can get the poultry netting to cover the entire thing. I finally gave up on trying to make then get down, as every time I make them get down they are back up there before I even make it to the front door. I finally just told them to enjoy it while they can, because this is unacceptable behavior, and if they choose not to, I will put an end to it. They all just stared at me with wide-eyed innocence. Oh and for those of you who wonder, yes, our chickens do listen to me, and occasionally do what I tell them to.

Day 125 – Donna the Bent Toe Rooster

Donna has fit right in here on the farm. He has lots of girls to chase, doesn’t fight with Juan, and most times I can get him to crow on cue. When he belts out a crow that is not the greatest, all’s we have to do is tell him that was a weak one, and he crows again to show us he can do a much better job.