Day 350 – Meet Three-Thirteen!

I guess we now have the reputation with some in the community of liking all things odd. Not a bad reputation to have in my opinion. We definitely have quite the eclectic style going on out here on our little farm.

Today I would like to introduce everyone to our newest addition… Three-Thirteen, a little red sex link pullet I rescued today.

I got the call to come rescue the little critter, because it was being attacked by all the other baby chicks due to it being blessed with and extra leg.

This little chick required a new brooder box, light, feeder, and waterer. Hrmmm… Seems our affinity for the underdog has cost us a little bit of money. Well worth it to keep her alive and well.

Why the name Three-Thirteen you ask? Well, as you can plainly see, she has three legs, two where they should be, and one coming out behind.

On her left foot, she has the normal four toes, one of which is missing a nail. On the right foot, she has but three toes, and on the third foot, she has a whopping six toes, for a total of lucky thirteen. With my love of “odd” things, right down to numbers, the name seemed to fit. I am pretty sure we will always be able to pick out Three-Thirteen from the crowd.

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