Day 336 – I Believe… Do You?

Today was all about Hunter. The town pulled together to  let a very special boy know how important he is and that we all believe. There was a surprise assembly held at Glen C. Moore Elementary this afternoon. The high school cheerleaders created a special cheer just for Hunter, all of the fifth graders signed a shirt for him touting the phrase “I Believe” on the front, and “Do You?” on the back, the students and teachers all wore the same shirt as well. The students presented him with a special book celebrating his life through the fifth grade. Then all the folks at Nowata Printing made donations to purchase Hunter his very own iPad2. I am thinking that will be a great thing to have when he is stuck in isolation during the months following his transplant. From the look on his face here, I would say Hunter is a very happy boy today, and has no doubt whatsoever how important he is to those around him.

To see more on this event, please check out the news story here



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