Day 303 – White Goose

Shortly after this shot, he let me know it was time for me to be moving on. I was happy to oblige him.

Day 300 – Oh No!

My exact words when the bottom of the bag failed, spilling approximately twenty pounds of dog food all over the floor. I guess it could have been worse, though. It could have failed prior to my getting it inside on the linoleum, or I could have been cleaning up all fifty pounds. Either way, at a moment like this you can choose to be angry, or choose to laugh it off. I chose to chuckle a bit, as I got my shot of the day.

Day 298 – Eastern Lights

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. I guess since we will have no chance of seeing northern lights due to cloud cover tonight, I will settle for this.

Day 295 – In Search of Northern Lights

G-Man and I went out to Winganon bridge in search of the Northern Lights tonight. Unfortunately we did not find them. Just have to settle for some star trails.