Day 275 – Momma and Baby

Brown Eyed Girl and her baby. Before we know it she will be all grown, and no longer the pretty snowy white she is now. Brown Eyed Girl has sure been a good Momma, her baby is thriving.

Day 274 – Sunset Revisited

Some would say this is just another sunset pic. To them I would say that my beau is in this photo, can you see him? That G-Man can be an elusive one when he really chooses to be.

Day 273 – Oklahoma Sunset

When I went out to feed this evening, I could see this sunset warming up. As soon as I finished with the feeding and watering, I grabbed my camera quick as I could and was able to get off a few shots.

Day 272 – Kickin’ Up Her Heels

Well, of the four bottle babies we had, this pretty little girl is the only one left. I was sad to lose the other three, first the little boy last Monday, then the two girls Tuesday. We brought this little one back in to the tub, as she had no one to snuggle with to keep warm. I named her Giselle, no idea where the name came from, but I really like it. With the warm weather, she got outside for a while. She was really happy to kick up her heels and run around. Just too cute for words.

Day 270 – The Swine Who Stole My Heart

After taking so long to warm up to me and his new surroundings, Greggery sure has staked his claim. Dirty face and all, I am completely in love with this little piggie. I am hoping him and Lina make some pretty and sweet little babies.

Day 269 – Piggie Ball

Amongst my Christmas presents from Gator was an oversize tennis ball for the piggies. Greggery seems to like it, which makes me very happy.

Day 268 – Christmas Gift

G-Man made me a spoon ring for Christmas. Didn’t even know that I have wanted one for years, and I absolutely love it. He did such a great job. I do believe I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Day 267 – Sampler Platter

Clockwise, starting at 12:00. Almond Bark Jumbles, White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Tiger Butter, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Cookie Dough Truffles, Dipped Mini Pretzel Rods,, Peanut Butter Balls, Coconut Bon Bons, Buckeyes,  Pecan Pralines, Dipped Pretzel Rods.

If this won’t do then I don’t know what will. Now, I am ready for Christmas!

Day 266 – Tiger Butter

Busy, busy, busy. This is the Tiger Butter I made today. Once it fully sets I will slice it on up.