Day 244 – Smoldering

Looking like it is about time to add a few more logs to the fire. Such a great feeling knowing that we will be nice and toasty all winter long, not to mention all that propane we won’t be using.


Day 243 – The Aermotor

Aermotor Windmill has continuously manufactured windmills since 1888 and is the only windmill manufacturer in the USA.

Day 242 – Greggery Again

Rooting around for lost tidbits of food.

Day 241 – Question of the Day

So, the question is this. Can you tell me what is unique about this picture?

Day 240 –

I started putting random feathers I find in the chicken wire of the chicken yard. This was one of Maxine’s. I’m sorry to say that we lost her last week.

Day 239 – Choot’m Choot’m

Everyone is pitching in to help complete the new project.

Day 238 – New Project

Due to the weight, we had to make three trips to Tulsa to get it all home without killing the truck. We now have the lumber for our newest project.

Day 236 – Thankful

Never too old to give Papa a big old hug!

Day 235 – Family

This shot makes my heart warm