Day 214 – Slim Shady

May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

We’re gonna have a problem here…


Day 213 – Boots

Had a lot of fun doing a photo shoot for the girls of the FFA this morning. Here’s a sneak preview.

Day 212 – I Loooove Youuu

Our two newest goats, Chocolate and Brownie. Chasin named them prior to their relocation to the farm, and we all agreed that we didn’t have the heart to change the names he had so carefully chosen. They have been in quarantine to insure that none of the other little goaties might catch a sickness from them. Chocolate pushes Brownie around, she sure isn’t always nice to him. He seems to love her regardless how mean she is to him. From day one Brownie was the friendliest, allowing us to pet him, and always ready to stick his head through the fence to get a little closer to whoever might be close. Chocolate has since warmed up nicely and now does the same. I love them to death. In my opinion they are a great addition to the farm.

Day 210 – Growing Piggies

Javelina and Greggery are growing fast. They are finally all settled in and seem quite happy in their new digs. We will be adding to their running area as we can acquire additional hog panels. The vision is to have a nice yard for them that reaches back to the trees, and hopefully in time some new little ones running around the enclosure.

Day 209 – Mobile Coop

I finally got a coat of paint on the soon to be mobile chicken coop that we are upcycling from a used camper. Still have to paint the interior, rip the carpet out, and hang some roosts as well. I think the chickens will be warm and dry come winter.

Day 208 – Another Storm Shot

Had a busy busy day today, so pulled another pic from the storms we shot the other night.

Day 207 – Helper

I absolutely love my little green wagon that I got for my birthday this year. It has become my biggest helper when the manly types are off working. With a maximum capacity of four hundred pounds, its uses are almost limitless. From moving bricks or cinder blocks, firewood, hauling feed out to the chickens or trash down to the bin, this little green contraption sure gets a lot of use.

Day 206 – 2 Nickels 2 Hours

Very proud of our garage sale find. We have decided we need random out of the norm items for farm art. Finding things, however is proving difficult. We will continue to keep our eyes open.

Day 205 – Fall Storms

Shooting lightning is one of my favorite things to do, quite possibly my absolute favorite. Just wish I could have gotten closer, and the rain would have stayed away. Oh well, hopefully I will have better luck next time.