Day 151 – Dorcas

Dorcas went missing last week. This is a picture of her from my archives. She was our pretty little naked neck Turken. Of course, because she was so, well I guess some would say odd looking, she was one of our favorites. She was a funny little bird, would always run up to me when I went out to check for eggs, and could never ever make up her mind if she wanted to be in or out of the chicken yard. She was one of our most vocal girls, and always good for a laugh. We did determine that in the chicken world she must have been quite the looker, as the boys would chase her all over the yard as she ran from them squawking and creating quite a ruckus. The only thing we can figure is an owl or other flying predator snatched her up quick as can be. I sure do miss her, but I guess that is the way of the world when you decide to add chickens to the farm.