Day 153 – Family

We have a “wild” family visiting the farm quite regularly. There are two adults, and two adorable babies. They are sure a beautiful and peaceful sight to see in the mornings as they make their rounds. I sure hope they all survive and that momma is able to keep her babies safe and secure.

Day 152 – Desire to Learn

This young fella is starting out right with his passion. Learn as much as you can about how the thing works, before jumping in and trying it. He is a lucky young man in that he chose a topic where he can find a lot of very patient and good people to pass on their knowledge.

Day 151 – Dorcas

Dorcas went missing last week. This is a picture of her from my archives. She was our pretty little naked neck Turken. Of course, because she was so, well I guess some would say odd looking, she was one of our favorites. She was a funny little bird, would always run up to me when I went out to check for eggs, and could never ever make up her mind if she wanted to be in or out of the chicken yard. She was one of our most vocal girls, and always good for a laugh. We did determine that in the chicken world she must have been quite the looker, as the boys would chase her all over the yard as she ran from them squawking and creating quite a ruckus. The only thing we can figure is an owl or other flying predator snatched her up quick as can be. I sure do miss her, but I guess that is the way of the world when you decide to add chickens to the farm.

Day 150 – Playing With Sunsets

Just playing around with some of my sunset pics.

Day 149 – Ministry of Silly Walks

Monty got her name by being the chicken that quite literally does a walk almost exactly identical to that featured in the Monty Python “Ministry of Silly Walks” skit. I have tried in vain to capture a picture of her in full silly stride, but to date have failed to do so. I am not sure if you can tell or not, but her left leg is noticeably smaller than her right one. This was a birth defect, and we have been assured by the previous owner that she was born this way, and her silly walk is through no fault of ours. She has a massive what looks like a wound on her back just above that leg, though she is sprouting new feathers in the area, and seems to be just fine. She is I do believe the smallest of our chickens, and when given the opportunity to free range, she rarely leaves the chicken yard. You guessed it right if you jumped to the conclusion that she has already stolen my heart with her little bitty self, and oh so silly walk. I must admit, however, that we are trying to keep her silly walk from the Ministry, as I am almost one hundred percent positive she has not legally registered it.

Day 148 – I Need a Name

This pretty little lady shaking her stuff is in need of a name. Here is your chance to make your mark on the farm. We will be taking name suggestions for one week. We will announce this little beauty’s name next Friday, September 2, 2011.

Day 147 – Monty

Oh man! What’d I step in? Oh please, please, please don’t let it be dog poo! Them dang canines just go wherever they want, so unlike us civilized chickens!

Day 146 – Fast Pitch

Sometimes I really miss my ball playing days. Such great memories!

Day 144 – Learning

The first time driving a tractor for The Boy. He is quickly learning many skills needed to survive here on the farm. He has been a great help on some projects, so hopefully he will be ready to build some fence soon.