Day 122 – Hrmmmm

This is our egg haul for the day, in my new to me egg basket I found at a garage sale. We are still trying to figure out who laid the monster egg.

Day 120 – Cain

It seems no matter how hot it is outside, Cain is always ready to tag along when his human takes the ATV out for a little ride.

Day 119 – Decisions, Decisions

Painting a bedroom and with the available mistint choices narrowed down to these three. Which to choose, which to choose? Oh heck! Why not all three?

Day 118 – Bug Eyes

Kind of scary looking, but a good bug to have around. This one was protecting the Mexican Plum tree.

Day 117 – Eggy Goodness

We got ourselves a basket full of eggy goodness goin on out here on the farm. The girls are not disappointing us despite the intense heat we have been dealing with.

Day 116 – Blueberry Yogurt Anyone?

The chickens sure do love yogurt. Most of them end up wearing it, but they don’t seem to care. They love getting their special treats.

Day 114 – On Top of the World!

Okay, it is really just on top of the hay pile, but to Oreo it is the top of the world.

Day 113 – Is it Ever Just Too Hot to Eat?

Not when you are a goat! Especially when there is a nice fresh pile of hay to munch on. Oreo sure is growing up fast, Gretchen lost her tiara, and thanks to the hay doesn’t feel the need to stick her head through the fence only to get stuck. Slim and Momma make for an even number.