Day 91 – First Came the Chicken…

Then came the egg! At least in our case that is how it all worked out. Found the first egg on the farm today in one of the nesting boxes. SCORE! Let the egg layin commence!

Day 90 – I Spy

Do you spy what I spy? I spy an animal. That animal has an alcoholic beverage named after it. It is also a very popular animal in the fall throughout the United States. Can you see it?

Day 89 – This Can’t be Good

We have been watching Pearl and Opal trying to show off to the other birds for the last few days. It started out one day we looked out the kitchen window to see both of them on top of the original coop run. Then yesterday I noticed that now it is primarily Pearl getting up there, and always in the evening just as the sun starts to get low in the sky. This evening after feeding the goats, this is the sight that greeted us. She never gets down on the wrong side of the fence, but seems to really enjoy looking down at the rest of the chickens.

Day 87 – Vintage Desk

Technically something that is more than seven years old is considered “vintage”. I tell ya, we got a farmstead chock full of vintage items. I love it!  So check out the “vintage” desk that the G-Man found for me to use as a home for my new to me sewing machine. I am not sure of the actual age, as I could not find a date on it. It may or may not have been top of the line in its day, but it is entirely made of wood, back when they knew how to really make furniture to last. I figure some random mis-tint paint will be just what it needs to fully fit in out here on the farm.

Day 86 – Phasmatodea

Stick insect, walking stick, stick-bug, phasid, ghost insect or leaf insect, whatever you choose to call them, they are some pretty cool bugs.

Day 82 – Onion Harvest

Some of the onions from our harvest drying in the sun before storage. Nothing like cooking with home grown goodies!