Day 56 – Childhood Memory

I sat outside this evening enjoying the beautiful weather, listening to the tranquil sounds of country life on the farm. Birds chirping, chickens clucking, goats munching, and a breeze blowing through the trees. I sat there in a patch of clover, and was taken back to a memory of one of the few really good memories from my elementary and middle school days in Pleasant Hill. I think I can count them all on one hand. This particular memory was that of a field day we had one on of those last days of the school year. I think it must have been fourth or fifth grade. Rather than going somewhere extravagant as seems to be the norm with so many schools in this day & age. We had to bring a brown bag lunch, and we walked to the city park and spent the entire day there. We were in the great outdoors, and soaking up the warm sunlight. We were allowed to play ball, or swing, or play on the monkey bars, the merry-go-round and the jungle gyms, in general be kids, and do what we wanted and just have fun. I remember sitting in a patch of clover much like I did today, and making clover chains for what seemed like hours at the time. I was so proud of the necklaces, and “crowns” I made that day. That was a good day for me. Just thought I would share the memory with my picture for today.


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