Day 61 – Climbing


Green Beans are starting to climb up their poles. Will be so great to have some fresh beans cooked with bacon and onion, oh and can’t forget the butta!


Day 60 – Blockhead fka Cinder

Thought I would give an update on Cinder, aka Blockhead. He is still the smallest baby, probably about half the size of the rest of the litter. I started giving him and another tiny baby I call Marty Feldman bottles this week in addition to the nursing he does. He has also discovered kitten food and is doing pretty well on it. I will most likely keep giving him bottles until the milk I have for them is gone. At this point, I think it is a given he will be one of the litter we have to keep, but hopefully at least four of the others will find humans when the time is right.

Day 59 – Besties

Was asked to do a multi-family photo shoot yesterday evening. After all was said and done I was inspired to get one more shot. What was the inspiration you ask? The utterance of three little words, “Hey best friend!” from daughter to mother. Thank you for allowing me to preserve this moment!

Day 58 – Pelican

Dusty’s new to him boat & trailer we came across a couple weeks ago. Can’t wait to get out on the water in it again!

Day 57 – Bud

Meet Bud, our tripod goat. He gets along just fine, and is the king of the herd. He is quite talkative at times, and the girls are often seen loving on him. Gentle with the babies, and very patient. Not to mention quite the looker! All around a really good goat.

Day 56 – Childhood Memory

I sat outside this evening enjoying the beautiful weather, listening to the tranquil sounds of country life on the farm. Birds chirping, chickens clucking, goats munching, and a breeze blowing through the trees. I sat there in a patch of clover, and was taken back to a memory of one of the few really good memories from my elementary and middle school days in Pleasant Hill. I think I can count them all on one hand. This particular memory was that of a field day we had one on of those last days of the school year. I think it must have been fourth or fifth grade. Rather than going somewhere extravagant as seems to be the norm with so many schools in this day & age. We had to bring a brown bag lunch, and we walked to the city park and spent the entire day there. We were in the great outdoors, and soaking up the warm sunlight. We were allowed to play ball, or swing, or play on the monkey bars, the merry-go-round and the jungle gyms, in general be kids, and do what we wanted and just have fun. I remember sitting in a patch of clover much like I did today, and making clover chains for what seemed like hours at the time. I was so proud of the necklaces, and “crowns” I made that day. That was a good day for me. Just thought I would share the memory with my picture for today.

Day 55 – Misguided Love?

Toads have been mating in the puddles out front the last few days. I somehow think these three are a little confused as to how it all works?

Day 54 – Lucky

Every time I see a patch of clover, you will find me looking down at it. I have looked at every patch available here on the farm. Until yesterday I hadn’t seen what I always search for. With the threat of dangerous weather headed our way, finding this little four leaf clover somehow gave me peace that all would be well in Nowata. Too bad the rest of Oklahoma did not escape the storms unscathed. My prayers are with everyone affected by the storms this week.

Day 53 – Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get me Down

We got about five and a half inches of rain today. The sun peaked out from below the clouds just as it was ready to set. Tried to catch the crepuscular rays, this is the best I got.

Day 52 – Stormy

Stormy evening today. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone struck by a tornado. I pray my friends in the Joplin area are all safe and sound.