Day 20 – Old Buddies

Us humans have nothing on the friendship and loyalty of these two (and many others like them). Whether with their humans or each other, there is no question how they feel.

Day 19 – A Lion in Nowata?

The Devil Dog got a new do today. He seems to strut more if that is at all possible!

Day 18 – Orchids

We were gifted with some random Orchid stems. I must admit they are one of my favorite flowers, utterly beautiful!

Day 16 – Prom

Was able to preserve the memory of one beautiful young lady through the lens today. Thank you for letting me be part of it.

Day 15 – It’s All About Perspective

Pretty cool willow tree. Today was a dreary one, so I had to pull  one out of the stuff I been saving for a rainy day 😉

Day 14 – After the Storm

Had some pretty scary storms roll through today. The majority of the clouds moved out in time for a pretty awesome sunset.

Day 11 – Ford

Yep, you saw it here first… There is a FORD sitting in the front yard, and I am PROUD of it! History has been made. Just Sayin.